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Shakerettes Alumni

Senior Picture Miami 138_edited.jpg

Class of 2022   

Shannon Frank

Rachel Pasko

Becca Remke


Class of 2021   

Anna Stewart           

Class of 2020

Paulina Campos

Erica Kolianos 

Carly Nash 

Anna Webster 

Class of 2018

Morgan Bain

Hanna Gonce

Sarah Oppenheim

Class of 2014

Nancy Tremaglio

Carli Williams

Class of 2009

Jenny Cook

Taylor Cheney

Brittany Grecco

Holly Sue Harris

Jaclyn Langholz

Emily-Jo Levy

Mallory Rusnak 

Laura Sirk 

Jessica Tepas


Class of 2010

Kelsey Chartrau

Tiffany Chilicote

Erin Flinn

Karilyn Mader

Lauren Reiter

Shelly Sheldon

Jenna Stranges

Class of 2011

Jenna Wright

Kendall Ederer

Tiffany Komendat

Courtney Fuller

Class of 2013

Chloe Ladd

Emma Webster

Amelia Williamson

Molly Zillis

Class of 2016

Kayla Brighter

Class of 2017

Rachel Dippold

Lydia King

Jillian Krapf

Liz Ragland

Courtney Reimers

Cora Webster

Class of 2015

Megan Dame

Alex Landis

Christina Palmer

Megan Valerio

Class of 2019   

Maddie Bassin

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